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2019/08/10 - 14:28
Martyr Mohsen Hojaji in the narration Milad Malekzadeh;
His cell phone was full of photos which looked with regret and it sounds he had many words in his heart.
2019/08/07 - 10:29
You were created as the shrine defender martyr. All the people gathered together to participate at the funeral ceremony of the shrine defender martyr Mohsen Hojaji. Martyr Hijaji was decapitated by the Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group in Syria.
2019/07/29 - 10:37
The book "Triumphant Phoenix" narrated martyr Mohsen Vezvaei's biography and his Issar had experienced 14th published by Shahed Publication.
2019/08/06 - 16:06
The internet version of "The Delight of The Flight" serial published at the martyrdom anniversary of martyr Abbas Babaei, the art affairs director general of the foundation of martyrs and veterans affairs said.
2019/08/05 - 16:02
In an interview with Navideshahed:
Martyr Sayyad Shirazi's bravery in the region lead to failed Munafiqin, Sayyad's brother said.
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2016/11/22 - 11:05
159 – 160 issues of the "Child Shahed" monthly magazine published by the Shahed Magazine Group.
2019/08/10 - 15:51
The latest issue of "adolescent Shahed" published with the readable and attractive content by the Shahed Magazine Group.
2019/08/03 - 09:24
The book "Triumphant Phoenix" narrated martyr Mohsen Vezvaei's biography and his Issar had experienced 14th published by Shahed Publication.
2019/07/29 - 10:37
When Ibrahim Chafghani entered the forefront was a young man, he loved his mother very much
2019/07/28 - 09:36
The latest issue of Shahed Yaran published with the memory of Martyr Sarem Tahmasebi by the effort of Shahed Magazine Group.
2019/07/03 - 13:01
Here is an article with title of "Martyrdom, the evolution roaring fountain" which describes Imam Musa al Sadr's thoughts about the Ashura Uprising.
2019/08/17 - 15:13
After the Ramadan operation, the Bathi forces understood that Iranian forces tried to be closer to Basrah to create more pressure against the Iraqi forces.
2019/08/13 - 12:09
Martyr Hussain Lashgari was born in Qazvin on 1952. He really loved to be a pilot. Finally he was graduated on 1977. As he finished the training courses at the Islamic Revolution Air Forces in Dezful, Mashhad and Tabriz.
2019/08/11 - 13:19
A chemical veteran told us that: sometimes I am getting too bad that I wished, I suffered from cancer. Suffering from chemical injury is a great disease that the Bathi regime hurt us.
2019/07/20 - 15:06
The crucial Bathi regime had used the chemical weapons on 1980 and killed many people during the chemical bombardment in Sardasht. The people are forgotten and the Saddam's crimes had no consequences for him.
2019/07/17 - 08:58
At the first days of our captivity, we said our prayer at the back of the forefront with fear since we were under the pressure of the Bathi forces. They moved us from Basrah to Baghdad after a week.
2019/08/03 - 12:51
Abbas Doran piloted an F-4 Phantom II in the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force. He died in a battle during the Iran–Iraq imposed War. When he was serving in the Iranian Air Force, he participated in air strikes against the Iraqi Navy.
2019/07/24 - 15:27
It was Tuesday. We must go to the mosque for the Tavasol Dua after the dinner. We went there and got ready for the Dua
2019/07/23 - 15:48
Some memories of martyr Hussain Lashgari had been written in the book 6410.
2019/07/23 - 14:13
He always participated in rallies and chanted against Pahlavi regime. Whatever we insisted that it is dangerous, they may shot you by the bullet war
2019/07/02 - 10:24
Haj Mohsen Fallahi had finished his education at the mechanic engineering field. He started his military services during the imposed war in 1982 to 1983 for 18 months.
2019/07/31 - 12:24
Maryam Farhanian was born in a religious family in Abadan on 14/01/1964. She had a calm life when she was child, she wnt to school at the age of six.
2019/07/30 - 12:54
Martyr Mohammad Zaman Ataei was born in a Shiite city in Behsoud (name of a city in Afghanistan) around the Wardak village which is located in the east central of Afghanistan in 1987. He grew up in a faithful family.
2019/07/29 - 11:30
Martyr Radanipoor was born in Isfahan on 1948. He was the deputy commander of 14th Imam Hussain (AS) battalion. He was martyred in Haji Omeran region on 1983.
2019/07/28 - 14:57
Sayyed Yousif was born in 1956 in Tehran. After the elementary level, he entered the high school. He was too clever and polite who had a good behavior. Finally he took his diploma in the math field with the great points.
2019/06/24 - 10:59